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Legends is the third expert level set of Magic and was released in June 1994. It consists of 310 cards and exists in English and Italian. Legends was planned to be the first standalone expansion, but Wizards of the Coast changed their plans, so no starter rule books were available to explain the new creature abilities and card types. In order to solve this problem, a rule card was inserted into every Legends booster pack.

The rule card has been printed both in English and Italian. While the former version has been a fixed addition of every English Legends booster produced, the latter one has been given to store owners as a separate item and was supposed to be given to customers buying Italian Legends boosters.

English and Italian Legends boosters

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001 English Legends Rules CardEnglish Legends boosters1994-06
002 Italian Legends Rules CardItalian Legends boosters purchase bonusDate unknownYES