Ninth Edition Box Topper Cards

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Each display box of Ninth Edition will contain a special collectible "Box topper" card. There are 13 different box toppers, with very round corners, comparable to Limited Edition Alpha cards. The cards are larger than normal Magic cards measuring approximately 4.25" x 6" (11 x 15 cm). One random card was added to each box of Ninth Edition boosters which gave them their name "box topper" cards. All box topper cards are equally rare.The Force of Nature Box topper card was only available in the Fat pack Ninth Edition.

Three Ninth Edition Box Topper cards Artist Proof exist, the Kird Ape illustrated by Terese Nielsen, the Rathi Dragon illustrated by Christopher Rush and the Jester's Cap illustrated by D. Alexander Gregory limited at 50 copies.I never saw any others Box Topper cards Artist Proof Ninth Edition so far.

Kird Ape Box Topper Artist Proof Front and Back.

Rathi Dragon Box Topper Artist Proof Front and Back.

Jester's Cap Box Topper Artist Proof Front and Back.

Ninth Edition Box Set Cards

2005 - Ninth Edition Box Topper Cards
00167/350 3/13 CloneKev WalkerNinth Edition Booster Boxes2005-07-29
002242/350 9/13 Force of NatureGreg StaplesNinth Edition Booster Boxes2005-07-29YES 
003137/350 5/13 Hell's CaretakerGreg StaplesNinth Edition Booster Boxes2005-07-29
004141/350 6/13 Hypnotic SpecterGreg StaplesNinth Edition Booster Boxes2005-07-29
005299/350 12/13 Icy ManipulatorMatt CavottaNinth Edition Booster Boxes2005-07-29
006301/350 13/13 Jester's CapD. Alexander GregoryNinth Edition Booster Boxes2005-07-29
007199/350 7/13 Kird ApeTerese NielsenNinth Edition Booster Boxes2005-07-29YES 
008253/350 10/13 Llanowar ElvesKev WalkerNinth Edition Booster Boxes2005-07-29
00985/350 4/13 Mahamoti DjinnGreg StaplesNinth Edition Booster Boxes2005-07-29
01032/350 1/13 Paladin en-VecSimon BisleyNinth Edition Booster Boxes2005-07-29
011210/350 8/13 Rathi DragonChristopher RushNinth Edition Booster Boxes2005-07-29YES 
01243/350 2/13 Serra AngelGreg StaplesNinth Edition Booster Boxes2005-07-29
013278/350 11/13 Verdant ForceDiTerlizziNinth Edition Booster Boxes2005-07-29