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The 10 oversized plane cards in each game pack comprise a planar deck. These plane cards, 40 in all, feature all-new artwork depicting some of the exotic realms of the Magic multiverse.
Planechase Plane cards are oversized land cards, measuring about 3.5" x 5" (9 x 12.5 cm).
According to precised measurements, they are: 3.46457" x 4.96063" (8.8 cm x 12.6 cm).

5 Planechase Plane cards Promos exist, and were distributed at different events.


Eight oversized plane cards and two Phenomenon cards were included in the 4 theme decks. 40 in total.

Stairs to Infinity was the special promo card not included in any of the four Planechase (2012 Edition) decks that was given at release events.
Stairs to Infinity Promo card was released in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish

Chaos Reigns and Night of the Ninja theme decks

Primordial Hunger and Savage Auras theme decks


Planechase Anthology is a Planechase series product that gathers the previous Planechase products (2009 and 2012) together in a single package. It was released by Wizards of the Coast on November 25, 2016.
The 6 Oversized promotional plane cards were added as well: Celestine Reef, Horizon Boughs, Mirrored Depths, Stairs to Infinity, Tazeem, and Tember City.

Planechase Anthology box set product shot

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Planechase Box Set Cards

Standard 2009 - Planechase Plane Cards
0011/40 Academy at Tolaria West (Plane - Dominaria)James PaickStrike Force Theme Deck2009-09-04
0022/40 The Aether Flues (Plane - Iquatana)Jason A. EngleZombie Empire Theme Deck2009-09-04
0033/40 Agyrem (Plane - Ravnica)Todd LockwoodStrike Force Theme Deck2009-09-04
0044/40 Bant (Plane - Alara)Michael KomarckMetallic Dreams Theme Deck2009-09-04
0055/40 Cliffside Market (Plane - Mercadia)Matt StewartZombie Empire Theme Deck2009-09-04
0066/40 The Dark Barony (Plane - Ulgrotha)Pete VentersZombie Empire Theme Deck2009-09-04
0077/40 Eloren Wilds (Plane - Shandalar)Darrell RicheElemental Thunder Theme Deck2009-09-04
0088/40 The Eon Fog (Plane - Equilor)Jaime JonesMetallic Dreams Theme Deck2009-09-04
0099/40 Feeding Grounds (Plane - Muraganda)Matt StewartElemental Thunder Theme Deck2009-09-04
01010/40 Fields of Summer (Plane - Moag)Daniel LjunggrenZombie Empire Theme Deck2009-09-04
01111/40 The Fourth Sphere (Plane - Phyrexia)Dave KendallZombie Empire Theme Deck2009-09-04
01212/40 Glimmervoid Basin (Plane - Mirrodin)Lars Grant-WestStrike Force Theme Deck2009-09-04
01313/40 Goldmeadow (Plane - Lorwyn)Warren MahyMetallic Dreams Theme Deck2009-09-04
01414/40 The Great Forest (Plane - Lorwyn)Howard LyonElemental Thunder Theme Deck2009-09-04
01515/40 Grixis (Plane - Alara)Nils HammZombie Empire Theme Deck2009-09-04
01616/40 The Hippodrome (Plane - Segovia)Steve ArgyleMetallic Dreams Theme Deck2009-09-04
01717/40 Immersturm (Plane - Valla)Raymond SwanlandElemental Thunder Theme Deck2009-09-04
01818/40 Isle of Vesuva (Plane - Dominaria)Zoltan Boros & Gabor SzikszaiElemental Thunder Theme Deck2009-09-04
01919/40 Izzet Steam Maze (Plane - Ravnica)Franz VohwinkelStrike Force Theme Deck2009-09-04
02020/40 Krosa (Pane - Dominaria)Steven BelledinMetallic Dreams Theme Deck2009-09-04
02121/40 Lethe Lake (Plane - Arkhos)Chris J. AndersonZombie Empire Theme Deck2009-09-04
02222/40 Llanowar (Plane - Dominaria)Kev WalkerElemental Thunder Theme Deck2009-09-04
02323/40 The Maelstrom (Plane - Alara)James PaickMetallic Dreams Theme Deck2009-09-04
02424/40 Minamo (Plane - Kamigawa)Charles UrbachMetallic Dreams Theme Deck2009-09-04
02525/40 Murasa (Plane - Zendikar)Jung ParkElemental Thunder Theme Deck2009-09-04
02626/40 Naar Isle (Plane - Wildfire)Mark ZugStrike Force Theme Deck2009-09-04
02727/40 Naya (Plane - Alara)Zoltan Boros & Gabor SzikszaiElemental Thunder Theme Deck2009-09-04
02828/40 Otaria (Plane - Dominaria)Charles UrbachStrike Force Theme Deck2009-09-04
02929/40 Panopticon (Plane - Mirrodin)John AvonMetallic Dreams Theme Deck2009-09-04
03030/40 Pools of Becoming (Plane - Bolas's Meditation Realm)Jason ChanZombie Empire Theme Deck2009-09-04
03131/40 Raven's Run (Plane - Shadowmoor)Omar RayyanZombie Empire Theme Deck2009-09-04
03232/40 Sanctum of Serra (Plane - Serra's Realm)Rob AlexanderMetallic Dreams Theme Deck2009-09-04
03333/40 Sea of Sand (Plane - Rabiah)Jim NelsonZombie Empire Theme Deck2009-09-04
03434/40 Shiv (Plane - Dominaria)rk postStrike Force Theme Deck2009-09-04
03535/40 Skybreen (Plane - Kaldheim)Wayne EnglandStrike Force Theme Deck2009-09-04
03636/40 Sokenzan (Plane - Kamigawa)Brian SnoddyStrike Force Theme Deck2009-09-04YES 
03737/40 Stronghold Furnace (Plane - Rath)Jim PavelecStrike Force Theme Deck2009-09-04
03838/40 Turri Island (Plane - Ir)Raymond SwanlandElemental Thunder Theme Deck2009-09-04
03939/40 Undercity Reaches (Plane - Ravnica)Stephan MartiniereMetallic Dreams Theme Deck2009-09-04
04040/40 Velis Vel (Plane - Lorwyn)Terese NielsenElemental Thunder Theme Deck2009-09-04

Standard 2012 - Planechase Plane Cards
0011/40 Chaotic Aether (Phenomenon)Dan ScottSavage Auras Theme Deck2012-06-01
0022/40 Interplanar Tunnel (Phenomenon)Chuck LukacsNight of the Ninja Theme Deck2012-06-01
0033/40 Morphic Tide (Phenomenon)Brandon KitkouskiNight of the Ninja Theme Deck2012-06-01
0044/40 Mutual Epiphany (Phenomenon)Jason FelixChaos Reigns Theme Deck2012-06-01
0055/40 Planewide Disaster (Phenomenon)Dave KendallSavage Auras Theme Deck2012-06-01
0066/40 Reality Shaping (Phenomenon)Dan ScottPrimordial Hunger Theme Deck2012-06-01
0077/40 Spatial Merging (Phenomenon)Gabor SzikszaiPrimordial Hunger Theme Deck2012-06-01
0088/40 Time Distortion (Phenomenon)rk postChaos Reigns Theme Deck2012-06-01
0099/40 Akoum (Plane - Zendikar)Rob AlexanderSavage Auras Theme Deck2012-06-01
01010/40 Aretopolis (Plane - Kephalai)Christopher MoellerSavage Auras Theme Deck2012-06-01
01111/40 Astral Arena (Plane - Kolbahan)Sam BurleySavage Auras Theme Deck2012-06-01
01212/40 Bloodhill Bastion (Plane - Equilor)Mark HyzerNight of the Ninja Theme Deck2012-06-01
01313/40 Edge of Malacol (Plane - Belenon)Goran JosicSavage Auras Theme Deck2012-06-01
01414/40 Furnace Layer (Plane - New Phyrexia)Kekai KotakiPrimordial Hunger Theme Deck2012-06-01
01515/40 Gavony (Plane - Innistrad)Dave KendallNight of the Ninja Theme Deck2012-06-01
01616/40 Glen Elendra (Plane - Lorwyn)Omar RayyanNight of the Ninja Theme Deck2012-06-01
01717/40 Grand Ossuary (Plane - Ravnica)Kekai KotakiChaos Reigns Theme Deck2012-06-01
01818/40 Grove of the Dreampods (Plane - Fabacin)Erica YangSavage Auras Theme Deck2012-06-01
01919/40 Hedron Fields of Agadeem (Plane - Zendikar)Vincent ProceChaos Reigns Theme Deck2012-06-01
02020/40 Jund (Plane - Alara)Aleksi BriclotPrimordial Hunger Theme Deck2012-06-01
02121/40 Kessig (Plane - Innistrad)Adam PaquetteSavage Auras Theme Deck2012-06-01
02222/40 Kharasha Foothills (Plane - Mongseng)Trevor ClaxtonNight of the Ninja Theme Deck2012-06-01
02323/40 Kilnspire District (Plane - Ravnica)John AvonPrimordial Hunger Theme Deck2012-06-01
02424/40 Lair of the Ashen Idol (Plane - Azgol)Philip StraubPrimordial Hunger Theme Deck2012-06-01
02525/40 Mount Keralia (Plane - Regatha)Franz VohwinkelChaos Reigns Theme Deck2012-06-01
02626/40 Nephalia (Plane - Innistrad)Daniel LjunggrenChaos Reigns Theme Deck2012-06-01
02727/40 Norn's Dominion (Plane - New Phyrexia)Igor KierylukNight of the Ninja Theme Deck2012-06-01
02828/40 Onakke Catacomb (Plane - Shandalar)Nic KleinSavage Auras Theme Deck2012-06-01
02929/40 Orochi Colony (Plane - Kamigawa)Charles UrbachPrimordial Hunger Theme Deck2012-06-01
03030/40 Orzhova (Plane - Ravnica)Charles UrbachChaos Reigns Theme Deck2012-06-01
03131/40 Prahv (Plane - Ravnica)Drew BakerPrimordial Hunger Theme Deck2012-06-01
03232/40 Quicksilver Sea (Plane - Mirrodin)Charles UrbachNight of the Ninja Theme Deck2012-06-01
03333/40 Selesnya Loft Gardens (Plane - Ravnica)Martina PilcerovaPrimordial Hunger Theme Deck2012-06-01
03434/40 Stensia (Plane - Innistrad)Vincent ProcePrimordial Hunger Theme Deck2012-06-01
03535/40 Takenuma (Plane - Kamigawa)Cliff ChildsNight of the Ninja Theme Deck2012-06-01
03636/40 Talon Gates (Plane - Dominaria)ChippySavage Auras Theme Deck2012-06-01
03737/40 Trail of the Mage-Rings (Plane - Vryn)Vincent ProceChaos Reigns Theme Deck2012-06-01
03838/40 Truga Jungle (Plane - Ergamon)Jim NelsonChaos Reigns Theme Deck2012-06-01
03939/40 Windriddle Palaces (Plane - Belenon)Kekai KotakiChaos Reigns Theme Deck2012-06-01
04040/40 The Zephyr Maze (Plane - Kyneth)rk postNight of the Ninja Theme Deck2012-06-01

Promotional 2009-2012 - Planechase Plane Cards
00141 DCI Tazeem ( Plane - Zendikar )Vincent ProcePlanechase Release Event participation bonus2009-09-04
00242 DCI Celestine Reef ( Plane - Luvion )Donato GiancolaZendikar Prerelease participation bonus2009-09-26
00343 DCI Horizon Boughs ( Plane - Pyrulea )Jean-Sébastien RossbachZendikar Game Day participation bonus2009-10-31
00444 DCI Mirrored Depths (Plane - Karsus)ChippyWorldwake Gateway Promo Participation bonus2010-02
00545 DCI Tember City (Plane - Kinshala)Ben ThompsonGateway Promo participation bonus2010-06
006P1 Planechase Stairs to Infinity ( Plane - Xerex )Steven BelledinPlanechase (2012 Edition) Release Event participation bonus2012-06-01
007P1 Planechase Escalier vers l'Infini
Stairs to Infinity ( Plane - Xerex )
Steven BelledinPlanechase (2012 Edition) Release Event French participation bonus2012-06-01
008P1 Planechase Treppen in die Unendlichkeit
Stairs to Infinity ( Plane - Xerex )
Steven BelledinPlanechase (2012 Edition) Release Event German participation bonus2012-06-01
009P1 Planechase Scala per l'Infinito
Stairs to Infinity ( Plane - Xerex )
Steven BelledinPlanechase (2012 Edition) Release Event Italian participation bonus2012-06-01
010P1 Planechase 無限への階段
Stairs to Infinity ( Plane - Xerex )
Steven BelledinPlanechase (2012 Edition) Release Event Japanese participation bonus2012-06-01
011P1 Planechase Escaleras al infinito
Stairs to Infinity ( Plane - Xerex )
Steven BelledinPlanechase (2012 Edition) Release Event Spanish participation bonus2012-06-01

Planechase Anthology Promotional - Planechase Plane Cards
001017/086 PCA Celestine Reef ( Plane - Luvion )Donato GiancolaPlanechase Anthology box set2016-11-25
002037/086 PCA Horizon Boughs ( Plane - Pyrulea )Jean-Sébastien RossbachPlanechase Anthology box set2016-11-25
003051/086 PCA Mirrored Depths (Plane - Karsus)ChippyPlanechase Anthology box set2016-11-25
004073/086 PCA Stairs to Infinity ( Plane - Xerex )Steven BelledinPlanechase Anthology box set2016-11-25
005078/086 PCA Tazeem ( Plane - Zendikar )Vincent ProcePlanechase Anthology box set2016-11-25
006079/086 PCA Tember City (Plane - Kinshala)Ben ThompsonPlanechase Anthology box set2016-11-25