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The DCI, the Duelists' Convocation International, is an organization which administers the whole tournament structure of Wizards of the Coast games. Founded in September 1993, the DCI, at that time named Duelists' Convocation, offered two different membership levels: The free Mana membership and the $30 US Legend membership. While the Mana membership was sufficient to participate in DCI sanctioned tournaments, the Legend membership provided some additional items:

1 Alternate Art Counterspell
1 Alternate Art Incinerate
1 Deluxe Duelist's Convocation membership card, featuring credit card styling and full-color design exclusive to Legends members.
1 DCI Legend membership poker deck
1 Italian Legends booster pack
1 six-issue subscription to The Duelist Sideboard magazine
1 commemorative 1997 World Championships Limited Edition prepaid phone card (for participation before the first of September 1997). The illustration and number of minutes are unknown.

While it was mentioned in the DCI announcement papers that a commemorative 1997 World Championships Limited Edition prepaid phone card will be given to DCI Legend members (only for members who joined or renewed before September 1, 1997). This old info has been verified and no phone card was ever created or given.

The Legend membership was discontinued on February the 28th in 2001 and was replaced by the Magic Player Rewards program.

Those Promos were made in the United States by Shepard Poorman, a large commercial printer located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The uncut sheet 10 X 10 with regular MTG back of the DCI Legend Membership Promos and Arena League Promos cards, was given to stores sponsoring the first Arena League in 1996, directly from Wizards of the Coast, Inc. Each card has the "M" symbol for the Original Arena League promos.

There's two texts on the sheet:
SHEPARD POORMAN JOB # 13438 in the top left corner
THIS IS THE PROPERTY OF WIZARDS OF THE COAST on the bottom right of the sheet

Cards on the uncut sheet have copyrights of 1995 and 1996. The first three rows of the sheet consists of:
12 Promo Counterspell (1995)
11 Promo Incinerate (1996)
4 Promo Disenchant (1996)
3 Promo Fireball (1996)
The rest of the sheet contains Arena League Promos Basic Lands illustrated by Tony Roberts. There are 70 Promo Arena lands total (1996) on the sheet, 14 of each Plains, Island, Swamp, Mountain and Forest for a total of 100 Cards.

This sheet measures 38 1/2" tall x 28" wide and in NM condition. The border has minor dings/creases which would be trimmed or hidden if framed. I am happy to accept returns for the identical item within 14 days and can show you the item for local purchase within the Tampa, FL area.

Some DCI Legend Membership Promos are NFC (Non Factory Cut) coming from multiples Uncut Sheets that went to the cutter.

DCI Legend Membership Card

DCI Deluxe Legend Membership Card

DCI Legend membership sealed poker deck front and back

Italian Legends booster front and back

Legends membership-1995-2001 DCI document

The Official Newsletter of the Duelist's Convocation Issue 20 from April 1996

DCI Legend Membership form in The Duelist Issue #14 from December 1996

DCI Legend Membership Box sealed front and sides

DCI Legend Membership package's content

Top of uncut sheet printed by Shepard Poorman with DCI Legend Membership Promos

Uncut sheet 10 X 10 printed by Shepard Poorman with DCI Legend Membership Promos and Arena League Promos

Counterspell Full Art by Dom

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DCI promo cards, Magic Arcana
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DCI Legend Membership Poker Deck Cards

1995 - DCI Legend Membership Promos
001 CounterspellDom!DCI Legend Membership bonus.1995-?-?YES 
002 IncinerateJockDCI Legend Membership bonus.1995-?-?YES