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Two humans stand opposed. Two eyes squint and glow. The other's eyes are covered.

The air vibrates bluish around one. The other's hair flares and ignites. Suddenly, energies collide and catastrophes scar the landscape.

Wait—they're no mere humans, are they?

Deck Design and Development:
Designer Kenneth Nagle
Developer Erik Lauer
Editor Del Laugel
Creative Director Brady Dommermuth
Art Director Jeremy Jarvis
Release Date: November 7, 2008
MSRP: $19.99

Collector's Highlights

* Set symbol is: A point-reflected pair of swooshes
* Two new 60-card theme decks based on the classic Magic rivalry of “Control” vs “Burn.”
* Each deck contains four rare cards (including an alternate art foil mythic rare planeswalker).
* New artwork featuring Jace Beleren or Chandra Nalaar has been commissioned on six cards in Jace vs Chandra.
* Features popular cards selected from throughout Magic’s 15-year history, including power-house cards like Ancestral Vision, Quicksilver Dragon, Demonfire, and Flametongue Kavu.
* All cards are black-bordered and tournament legal.
Coming to Magic Online in late 2008.
* Duel Decks: Jace vs Chandra also comes with a strategy insert, 3 tokens, a Magic “Learn to Play” guide, and two deck boxes for storage.

Duel Decks: Jace Vs Chandra were available in 2 languages: English, Japanese

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Duel Decks: Jace Vs Chandra Theme Decks

From Wizards.com

You remember Duel Decks: Jace vs. Chandra, right? Two 60-card decks featuring keen alternate-art foils of Jace Beleren and Chandra Nalaar. Now, do you also remember the Magic manga from Dengeki-Maoh? Here's the news. First, you can read the manga online. If you don't read Japanese, all you need to do is get a copy of The Purifying Fire and follow along. And second, Jace vs. Chandra is back. In Japanese!This version of Jace vs. Chandra is a JAPANESE LANGUAGE ONLY reissue of the popular Duel Deck. The two mythic rare Planeswalker cards feature brand-new art from Japanese manga artist Yoshino Himori, artist for of the Dengeki adaptation of Laura Resnick’s novel "The Purifying Fire."
Everything about this is the same as the English version, except that it's in Japanese only and that the two foil Planeswalkers will have new art. This new version of Jace vs. Chandra will be available in Japan and in limited quantities in the US and select other markets with an extremely limited print run on December 3, 2010 with a MSRP of $19.99.

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Jace vs Chandra Tokens

Jace Deck - Duel Decks: Jace vs. Chandra
0011/62FoilJace BelerenKev WalkerJace Beleren Theme Deck2008-11-07YES 
0022/62 Martyr of FrostWayne EnglandJace Beleren Theme Deck2008-11-07
0033/62 Fathom SeerRalph HorsleyJace Beleren Theme Deck2008-11-07
0044/62 Voidmage ApprenticeJim NelsonJace Beleren Theme Deck2008-11-07
0055/62 Wall of DeceitJohn AvonJace Beleren Theme Deck2008-11-07
0066/62 WillbenderEric PetersonJace Beleren Theme Deck2008-11-07
0077/62 Bottle GnomesBen ThompsonJace Beleren Theme Deck2008-11-07
0088/62 Man-o'-WarJon J MuthJace Beleren Theme Deck2008-11-07
0099/62 OphidianCliff NielsenJace Beleren Theme Deck2008-11-07
01010/62 Fledgling MawcorKev WalkerJace Beleren Theme Deck2008-11-07
01111/62 Waterspout DjinnThomas GianniJace Beleren Theme Deck2008-11-07
01212/62 MulldrifterEric FortuneJace Beleren Theme Deck2008-11-07
01313/62 Air ElementalKev WalkerJace Beleren Theme Deck2008-11-07
01414/62 GuileZoltan Boros & Gabor SzikszaiJace Beleren Theme Deck2008-11-07
01515/62 Riftwing CloudskateCarl CritchlowJace Beleren Theme Deck2008-11-07
01616/62 Spire GolemDaren BaderJace Beleren Theme Deck2008-11-07
01717/62 ÆthersnipeZoltan Boros & Gabor SzikszaiJace Beleren Theme Deck2008-11-07
01818/62 Brine ElementalStephen TappinJace Beleren Theme Deck2008-11-07
01919/62 Quicksilver DragonRon SpencerJace Beleren Theme Deck2008-11-07
02020/62 Errant EphemeronLuca ZontiniJace Beleren Theme Deck2008-11-07
02121/62 Ancestral VisionMark PooleJace Beleren Theme Deck2008-11-07
02222/62 Mind StoneAdam RexJace Beleren Theme Deck2008-11-07
02323/62 DazeMatthew D. WilsonJace Beleren Theme Deck2008-11-07
02424/62 CounterspellJason ChanJace Beleren Theme Deck2008-11-07YES 
02525/62 RepulseAaron BoydJace Beleren Theme Deck2008-11-07
02626/62 Fact or FictionMatt CavottaJace Beleren Theme Deck2008-11-07YES 
02727/62 GushKev WalkerJace Beleren Theme Deck2008-11-07
02828/62 CondescendRon SpearsJace Beleren Theme Deck2008-11-07
02929/62 Terrain GeneratorAlan PollackJace Beleren Theme Deck2008-11-07
03030/62 IslandJohn AvonJace Beleren Theme Deck2008-11-07
03131/62 IslandScott BaileyJace Beleren Theme Deck2008-11-07
03232/62 IslandDonato GiancolaJace Beleren Theme Deck2008-11-07
03333/62 IslandChristopher MoellerJace Beleren Theme Deck2008-11-07

Chandra Deck - Duel Decks: Jace vs. Chandra
00134/62FoilChandra NalaarKev WalkerChandra Nalaar Theme Deck2008-11-07YES 
00235/62 Flamekin BrawlerDaren BaderChandra Nalaar Theme Deck2008-11-07
00336/62 FireslingerJeff ReitzChandra Nalaar Theme Deck2008-11-07
00437/62 Soulbright FlamekinKev WalkerChandra Nalaar Theme Deck2008-11-07
00538/62 Pyre ChargerMark ZugChandra Nalaar Theme Deck2008-11-07
00639/62 Slith FirewalkerJustin SweetChandra Nalaar Theme Deck2008-11-07
00740/62 Flamewave InvokerDave DormanChandra Nalaar Theme Deck2008-11-07
00841/62 Inner-Flame AcolyteRon SpearsChandra Nalaar Theme Deck2008-11-07
00942/62 Flametongue KavuPete VentersChandra Nalaar Theme Deck2008-11-07
01043/62 Furnace WhelpMatt CavottaChandra Nalaar Theme Deck2008-11-07
01144/62 Rakdos Pit DragonKev WalkerChandra Nalaar Theme Deck2008-11-07
01245/62 Ingot ChewerKev WalkerChandra Nalaar Theme Deck2008-11-07
01346/62 Oxidda GolemGreg StaplesChandra Nalaar Theme Deck2008-11-07
01447/62 Chartooth CougarTony SzczudloChandra Nalaar Theme Deck2008-11-07
01548/62 HostilityOmar RayyanChandra Nalaar Theme Deck2008-11-07
01649/62 FireboltRon SpencerChandra Nalaar Theme Deck2008-11-07
01750/62 Seal of FireChristopher MoellerChandra Nalaar Theme Deck2008-11-07YES 
01851/62 IncinerateSteve PrescottChandra Nalaar Theme Deck2008-11-07YES 
01952/62 Magma JetJustin SweetChandra Nalaar Theme Deck2008-11-07
02053/62 Flame JavelinTrevor HairsineChandra Nalaar Theme Deck2008-11-07
02154/62 Cone of FlameChippyChandra Nalaar Theme Deck2008-11-07
02255/62 FireblastMichael DanzaChandra Nalaar Theme Deck2008-11-07
02356/62 FireballDave DormanChandra Nalaar Theme Deck2008-11-07
02457/62 DemonfireGreg StaplesChandra Nalaar Theme Deck2008-11-07
02558/62 Keldon MegalithsPhilip StraubChandra Nalaar Theme Deck2008-11-07
02659/62 MountainRob AlexanderChandra Nalaar Theme Deck2008-11-07YES 
02760/62 MountainChristopher MoellerChandra Nalaar Theme Deck2008-11-07
02861/62 MountainGreg StaplesChandra Nalaar Theme Deck2008-11-07
02962/62 MountainMark TedinChandra Nalaar Theme Deck2008-11-07

Jace Vs Chandra Japanese - Duel Decks: Jace vs. Chandra
Jace Beleren
Yoshino HimoriJace Beleren Japanese Theme Deck2010-12-03YES 
Chandra Nalaar
Yoshino HimoriChandra Nalaar Japanese Theme Deck2010-12-03YES