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In December 1999 Wizards of the Coast published a magazine named TopDeck. It was dedicated to trading card games, while other Wizards of the Coast magazines covered other parts of their product line. However, due to the increasing popularity of the internet and its inherent advantages,TopDeck ceased production in February 2001 with issue #15.

Issue #14 features a Starter 2000 Sampler pack which includes nine standard Sixth Edition cards and one white-bordered Spined Wurm without expansion symbol and 1993-2000 copyright line.

The Starter 2000 sampler pack contains the following ten cards:

Armored Pegasus C
Forest C
Island C
Merfolk of the Pearl Trident C
Mountain C
Plains C
Python C
*Spined Wurm C
Stone Rain C
Swamp C

Some issues of the TopDeck magazine included a player's guide for specific Magic sets.

TopDeck Volume 2 Issue 1 Magazine

TopDeck 14 Magazine front

TopDeck 14 Magazine back sealed with Starter 2000 Sampler pack

Starter 2000 Sampler pack sealed

Wizards Of The Coast Ceases Publishing Topdeck Magazine

Misprinted Non-Standard TopDeck Inserts
Starter 2000 Box Set Cards

2000 - TopDeck Inserts
001201a/350FoilLightning HoundsAndrew RobinsonTopDeck Volume 2 Issue 1 Magazine Addition.2000-01-?YES 

2001 - TopDeck Inserts
002 Spined WurmKeith ParkinsonContent of Starter 2000 Sampler pack in TopDeck #14 magazine2001-01-?YES