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Kartefakt is the most popular German trading card magazine. After three prerelease issues its first regular issue debuted in July 1995, and the magazine has been released bimonthly thereafter. During all the years it has managed to outlive all other trading card magazines in Germany. Aside from the main Kartefakt series, two Special issues have been published which both focus on Magic.

The Jamuraan Lion from Visions is unique in its way that all non-English versions, including the German one, have a differently cropped image compared to the English version. The German Kartefakt version, however, looks identical to the English version which classifies it as a non-standard card.

Kartefakt #8 magazine

Jamuraan Lion Original Art illustrated by Stuart Griffin

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001 Jamuraal÷we
Jamuraan Lion
Stuart GriffinKartefakt #8 magazine addition1996-12