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The Balduvian Horde started its existence as a reward for players to commemorate the 1999 World Championships.

The 2019 World Championship, or Magic World Championship XXVI, will be held on February 14-16 2020 in Honolulu, Hawaii. Sixteen players will conclude a groundbreaking year for esports and competitive gaming in Magic by vying for $1 million in prizes. Only the best MPL players and Challengers were invited. The championship for the first time is played exclusively on MTG Arena (a decision met by criticism from tabletop players). With $300,000 for first place it features the largest individual prize in Magic history.

To celebrate, WPN Premium stores around the globe are hosting exclusive World Championship viewing parties for players like you to compete and win a small part of Magic's biggest weekend ever. Throughout the entire Magic World Championship XXVI weekend, WPN Premium stores can schedule a Standard format Viewing Party: World Championship event where the Top 16 players win a promotional, alternate art copy of Crucible of Worlds provided to each location.

Balduvian Horde Full Art by Brian Sn§ddy - Crucible of Worlds Full Art by Ralph Horsley

How to Become The Next Magic Champion: Qualifying for Mythic Championships and Worlds, Competitive Gaming
Find Your Champion at Magic World Championship XXVI, Magic Esports
A Crucible of Worlds awaits with World Championship XXVI, Magic Esports.

Misprinted Non-Standard Worlds Cards

1999 - Worlds Cards
001167/350FoilBalduvian HordeBrian SnōddySide events participation bonus at World Championships in Yokohama1999-08-04

2020 - Worlds Cards
001001/001 P WorldsFoilCrucible of WorldsRalph HorsleyTop 16 players Standard format Viewing Party: World Championship event2020-02-14YES