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The Cardz is a trading card magazine published in Thailand. Twice already they have published a promotional card for Magic the Gathering. Both cards are labeled with the logo of the magazine but otherwise look like regular English Magic cards. They release a total of 41 issues from 1999 till 2004. Further details are yet unknown.

The CardZ #1.0 magazine

The CardZ #1.0 magazine Sealed

The CardZ #5.0 magazine

The CardZ #5.0 magazine Sealed

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2001 - The Cardz Magazine Inserts
001125/143 Silver DrakeAlan PollackThe CardZ #1.0 magazine addition2000-01
00249/143 Phyrexian RagerMark TedinThe CardZ #5.0 magazine addition?-?
003125/143 Silver DrakeAlan PollackSource unknownDate unknownYES 
00449/143 Phyrexian RagerMark TedinSource unknownDate unknownYES