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If you pick up a Core Set 2020 Bundle, inside you'll find a very special promo version of Chandra's Regulator.

For the First time with the release of Core Set 2020 in July 2019, a Foil Promo was inserted in a Bundle.

Core Set 2020 Bundle Contents:
10 Core Set 2020 booster packs
20 foil land pack
20 regular land pack
2 reference cards
1 foil promo card
1 oversized Spindown life counter
1 reusable card storage box
SKU: C60240000
UPC: 630509774517
Made in USA, Die manufactured in China

Core Set 2020 Bundle product shot

Core Set 2020 Promos and Packaging, Card Preview
Throne of Eldraine Promos, Card Preview

2019 - Bundle Promos
001131/280 P BundleFoilChandra's RegulatorMathias KollrosCore Set 2020 Bundle2019-07-12YES 
002392 R BundleFoilPiper of the SwarmJesper EjsingThrone of Eldraine Bundle2019-10-04YES