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The Modern Horizons Art Series is a series of 54 art cards that can be found as a bonus seventeenth card in Modern Horizons booster packs. It exists in the 11 languages and consists of:

1 Colorless
12 White
10 Blue
11 Black
5 Red
2 Green
5 Multicolor
5 Artifact
3 Land

The front side shows a piece of art from the set horizontally oriented.
The card back is mostly blank, with some collector's info:
Magic™ logo (in the top left corner)
Modern Horizons Art Series logo (written in the specific language in the middle)
Name of the art (written in the specific language) and illustrator credits
Language code and Copyright line: ™ & © 2019 Wizards of the Coast
Collector number

None are foil, all of them are treated with a special developed gloss varnish that brings out the art and that was used for the first time. The backs are left uncoated.

Mark Rosewater: None of them are foil. Instead, all of them are treated with a special gloss varnish on the front that really brings out the art. It’s something we’ve never done on a Magic card object before. We developed it especially for these. The backs are left uncoated so artists can sign them or sketch.

Modern Horizons Art Series Chillerpillar English back.


In Modern Horizons, we introduced art cards. These were cards with full art on the front and card information on the back. They're not playable Magic cards, just fun objects to have around or collect.

They were popular with many of the players (art fans, story fans, collectors, etc.), so we've decided to have them return. Zendikar Rising Set Boosters will have 81 different art cards (Modern Horizons, in contrast, had 54). As I explained above, we want every slot to have the potential for excitement, so here's what we've done with the art cards. Five percent of the time, rather than a normal art card, you'll get one with a gold-stamped signature of the artist. Most of the art card exists in both its normal version and its signature version, while seven of them only have a Planeswalker symbol stamp. Art is a big part of what makes Magic such a fun game, so we're happy to have this opportunity to celebrate our amazing art and artists. It also adds another collectible to the game (and history shows us we have a lot of players who love collecting things).

36 Art Series cards vertically orientated and 45 horizontally orientated. For a total of 81 Art Series cards. 4 horizontally orientated Art and 3 vertically orientated Series cards have a gold-stamped planeswalker symbol instead of a signature. They exist in English and Japanese.

9 White
9 Blue
12 Black
4 Red
5 Green
12 Multicolor
30 Land

The front side shows a piece of art from the set horizontally oriented.
The card back is mostly blank, with some collector's info:
Magic™ logo (in the top left corner)
Zendikar Rising Art Series logo (written in the specific language in the middle)
Name of the art (written in the specific language) and illustrator credits
Language code and Copyright line: ™ & © 2020 Wizards of the Coast
Collector number

Zendikar Rising Art Series Prismatic Vista English back.

Zendikar Rising Set booster illustrated by Piotr Dura.


Kaldheim Art Cards will be available in Kaldheim Set Boosters. These cards will appear in both art card and foil-stamped signature art card versions. The signature versions and non-signature versions look the same just without the signature, while eighth of the signature version only have a Planeswalker symbol stamp instead. Approximately 1 in 20 art cards will appear in their signature version.

4 Art Series cards vertically orientated and 77 horizontally orientated. For a total of 81 Art Series cards. 8 horizontally orientated Art Series cards have a gold-stamped planeswalker symbol instead of a signature. They exist in English, French, German and Japanese.

8 White
11 Blue
10 Black
11 Red
14 Green
13 Multicolor
1 Artifact
8 Land
5 Viking showcase cards

The front side shows a piece of art from the set horizontally oriented.
The card back is mostly blank, with some collector's info:
Magic™ logo (in the top left corner)
Kaldheim Art Series logo (written in the specific language in the middle)
Name of the art (written in the specific language) and illustrator credits
Language code and Copyright line: ™ & © 2021 Wizards of the Coast
Collector number

Kaldheim Art Series Bind the Monster English back.

Kaldheim Set booster illustrated by Dominik Mayer.


Art cards and signature art cards have been an exclusive of the Set Booster since their introduction in Zendikar Rising. With Strixhaven Set Boosters (available in English, French, German, Japanese and Simplified Chinese), we are bringing 81 of the outstanding illustrations, including select pieces from the Mystical Archive, to the art card (or a 5% chance of a signature art card) found in each Set Booster. Strixhaven Set Boosters will include an art card showcasing one of 81 amazing illustrations from the set. Even better, there's a 1-in-20 chance that your art card will be gold stamped with either a Planeswalker symbol or the artist's signature.

22 Art Series cards vertically orientated and 59 horizontally orientated. For a total of 81 Art Series cards. They exist in English, French, German, Japanese and Simplified Chinese.

? White
? Blue
? Black
? Red
? Green
? Multicolor
? Artifact
? Land
? showcase cards

Strixhaven: School of Mages Set booster illustrated by Dominik Mayer.

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2019 Modern Horizons - Art Series Cards
00130/54 Answered PrayersSeb McKinnonModern Horizons boosters2019-06-14YES 
00253/54 Arcum's AstrolabeIgor KierylukModern Horizons boosters2019-06-14YES 
00310/54 Ayula, Queen Among BearsJesper EjsingModern Horizons boosters2019-06-14YES 
00404/54 Bazaar TrademageChristopher MoellerModern Horizons boosters2019-06-14YES 
00501/54 ChillerpillarSuzanne HelmighModern Horizons boosters2019-06-14YES 
00627/54 Dregscape SliverZack StellaModern Horizons boosters2019-06-14YES 
00734/54 Echo of EonsTerese NielsenModern Horizons boosters2019-06-14YES 
00807/54 EndlingLivia PrimaModern Horizons boosters2019-06-14YES 
00925/54 Enduring SliverJosh HassModern Horizons boosters2019-06-14YES 
01036/54 EphemerateBastien L. DeharmeModern Horizons boosters2019-06-14YES 
01132/54 EverdreamNils HammModern Horizons boosters2019-06-14YES 
01243/54 Excavating AnuridJoe SlucherModern Horizons boosters2019-06-14YES 
01335/54 Face of DivinityMartina PilcerovaModern Horizons boosters2019-06-14YES 
01426/54 First Sliver's ChosenSteven BelledinModern Horizons boosters2019-06-14YES 
01529/54 Force of DespairSeb McKinnonModern Horizons boosters2019-06-14YES 
01617/54 Goblin MatronJesper EjsingModern Horizons boosters2019-06-14YES 
01744/54 Headless SpecterAnastasia OvchinnikovaModern Horizons boosters2019-06-14YES 
01842/54 Hogaak, Arisen NecropolisVincent ProceModern Horizons boosters2019-06-14YES 
01921/54 Ingenious InfiltratorJason RainvilleModern Horizons boosters2019-06-14YES 
02024/54 Lancer SliverLucas GracianoModern Horizons boosters2019-06-14YES 
02139/54 Lesser MasticoreWisnu TanModern Horizons boosters2019-06-14YES 
02241/54 Lightning SkelementalNicholas GregoryModern Horizons boosters2019-06-14YES 
02333/54 Mind RakeJason RainvilleModern Horizons boosters2019-06-14YES 
02440/54 Mirrodin BesiegedBram SelsModern Horizons boosters2019-06-14YES 
02523/54 Morophon, the BoundlessVictor Adame MinguezModern Horizons boosters2019-06-14YES 
02654/54 Mox TantaliteRyan PancoastModern Horizons boosters2019-06-14YES 
02722/54 Ninja of the New MoonGreg OpalinskiModern Horizons boosters2019-06-14YES 
02818/54 Pashalik MonsEven AmundsenModern Horizons boosters2019-06-14YES 
02945/54 Plague EngineerNicholas GregoryModern Horizons boosters2019-06-14YES 
03048/54 Prismatic VistaSam BurleyModern Horizons boosters2019-06-14YES 
03111/54 Ranger-Captain of EosRyan PancoastModern Horizons boosters2019-06-14YES 
03237/54 Ravenous GiantMilivoj ĆeranModern Horizons boosters2019-06-14YES 
03350/54 RebuildLindsey LookModern Horizons boosters2019-06-14YES 
03403/54 Scour All PossibilitiesMitchell MalloyModern Horizons boosters2019-06-14YES 
03505/54 Serra the BenevolentMagali VilleneuveModern Horizons boosters2019-06-14YES 
03651/54 Silent ClearingSeb McKinnonModern Horizons boosters2019-06-14YES 
03716/54 Sisay, Weatherlight CaptainAnna SteinbauerModern Horizons boosters2019-06-14YES 
03819/54 Smoke ShroudMicah EpsteinModern Horizons boosters2019-06-14YES 
03928/54 SoulherderSeb McKinnonModern Horizons boosters2019-06-14YES 
04038/54 Spinehorn MinotaurJesper EjsingModern Horizons boosters2019-06-14YES 
04147/54 Sword of Sinew and SteelChris RahnModern Horizons boosters2019-06-14YES 
04246/54 Sword of Truth and JusticeChris RahnModern Horizons boosters2019-06-14YES 
04320/54 ThroatseekerDmitry BurmakModern Horizons boosters2019-06-14YES 
04409/54 Throes of ChaosIgor KierylukModern Horizons boosters2019-06-14YES 
04515/54 Umezawa's CharmEric DeschampsModern Horizons boosters2019-06-14YES 
04613/54 Urza, Lord High ArtificerGrzegorz RutkowskiModern Horizons boosters2019-06-14YES 
04749/54 Wall of One Thousand CutsGreg StaplesModern Horizons boosters2019-06-14YES 
04805/54 Warteye WitchSteve PrescottModern Horizons boosters2019-06-14YES 
04902/54 Watcher for TomorrowTommy ArnoldModern Horizons boosters2019-06-14YES 
05052/54 Waterlogged GroveJohn AvonModern Horizons boosters2019-06-14YES 
05131/54 Winds of AbandonNoah BradleyModern Horizons boosters2019-06-14YES 
05206/54 Wrenn and SixChase StoneModern Horizons boosters2019-06-14YES 
05314/54 Yawgmoth, Thran PhysicianMark WintersModern Horizons boosters2019-06-14YES 
05412/54 Zhalfirin DecoyPaul Scott CanavanModern Horizons boosters2019-06-14YES 

2020 Zendikar Rising - Art Series Cards
00122/81 Boulderloft Pathway (Borderless)Grady FrederickZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
00223/81 Brightclimb Pathway (Borderless)Donato GiancolaZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
00333/81 Celestial Colonnade (Expedition)Piotr DuraZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
00425/81 Clearwater Pathway (Borderless)Johannes VossZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
00529/81 Flooded Strand (Expedition)Adam PaquetteZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
00619/81 Forest Version 1Sam BurleyZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
00720/81 Forest Version 2Adam PaquetteZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
00821/81 Forest Version 3Tianhua XZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
00924/81 Grimclimb Pathway (Borderless)Donato GiancolaZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
01034/81 Grove of the Burnwillows (Expedition)Donato GiancolaZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
01110/81 Island Version 1Adam PaquetteZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
01211/81 Island Version 2Anna SteinbauerZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
01312/81 Island Version 3Tianhua XZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
0141/81 Jace, Mirror MageTyler JacobsonZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
0152/81 Jace, Mirror Mage (Borderless)David RapozaZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
01632/81 Morphic Pool (Expedition)Steven BelledinZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
01716/81 Mountain Version 1Sam BurleyZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
01817/81 Mountain Version 2Adam PaquetteZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
01918/81 Mountain Version 3Chase StoneZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
02026/81 Murkwater Pathway (Borderless)Johannes VossZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
0213/81 Nahiri, Heir of the AncientsAnna SteinbauerZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
0224/81 Nahiri, Heir of the Ancients (Borderless)David RapozaZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
02327/81 Needleverge Pathway (Borderless)Noah BradleyZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
0245/81 Nissa of Shadowed BoughsYongjae ChoiZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
0256/81 Nissa of Shadowed Boughs (Borderless)David RapozaZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
02628/81 Pillarverge Pathway (Borderless)Noah BradleyZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
0277/81 Plains Version 1Sam BurleyZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
0288/81 Plains Version 2Adam PaquetteZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
0299/81 Plains Version 3Chris RahnZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
03035/81 Prismatic Vista (Expedition)Sam BurleyZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
03131/81 Seachrome Coast (Expedition)Adam PaquetteZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
03213/81 Swamp Version 1Sam BurleyZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
03314/81 Swamp Version 2Slawomir ManiakZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
03415/81 Swamp Version 3Adam PaquetteZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
03536/81 Wasteland (Expedition)Adam PaquetteZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
03630/81 Windswept Heath (Expedition)Johannes VossZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
03774/81 Akiri, Fearless VoyagerEkaterina BurmakZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
03837/81 Angel of DestinyRyan PancoastZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
03975/81 Anowon, the Ruin ThiefMagali VilleneuveZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
04046/81 AnticognitionIgor KierylukZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
04169/81 Ashaya, Soul of the WildChase StoneZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
04253/81 Blackbloom RogueJesper EjsingZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
04370/81 Canopy BalothFilip BurburanZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
04438/81 Cliffhaven Sell-SwordJason RainvilleZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
04554/81 Drana, the Last BloodchiefTyler JacobsonZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
04647/81 Expedition DivinerHeonhwa ChoeZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
04739/81 Expedition HealerHeonhwa ChoeZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
04876/81 Grakmaw, Skyclave RavagerFilip BurburanZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
04955/81 Highborn VampireDenman RookeZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
05040/81 Kitesail ClericPINDURSKIZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
05141/81 Kor CelebrantJake MurrayZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
05277/81 Linvala, Shield of Sea GateWayne ReynoldsZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
05371/81 Lotus CobraSam RowanZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
05448/81 Maddening CacophonyMagali VilleneuveZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
05565/81 Magmatic ChannelerBryan SolaZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
05656/81 Malakir Blood-PriestScott MurphyZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
05757/81 Mind CarverScott MurphyZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
05866/81 Moraug, Fury of AkoumRudy SiswantoZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
05942/81 Nahiri's BindingMagali VilleneuveZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
06058/81 Nighthawk ScavengerHeonhwa ChoeZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
06178/81 Omnath, Locus of CreationChris RahnZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
06279/81 Orah, Skyclave HierophantHeonhwa ChoeZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
06372/81 Reclaim the WastesWylie BeckertZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
06459/81 Scion of the SwarmEkaterina BurmakZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
06560/81 Scourge of the SkyclavesChase StoneZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
06643/81 Sea Gate BanneretJesper EjsingZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
06749/81 Sea Gate RestorationAdam PaquetteZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
06850/81 Sea Gate StormcallerAnna SteinbauerZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
06944/81 Skyclave BasilicaJohannes VossZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
07061/81 Skyclave ShadeDaarkenZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
07162/81 Soul ShatterWylie BeckertZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
07273/81 Swarm ShamblerNicholas GregoryZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
07363/81 Taborax, Hope's DemiseG-host LeeZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
07451/81 Tazeem RoilmageManuel CastañónZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
07545/81 Tazri, Beacon of UnityChris RahnZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
07667/81 Teeterpeak AmbusherKekai KotakiZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
07768/81 Thundering RebukeCampbell WhiteZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
07864/81 Thwart the GraveWylie BeckertZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
07980/81 Umara MysticBryan SolaZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
08052/81 Umara WizardJesper EjsingZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 
08181/81 Yasharn, Implacable EarthG-host LeeZendikar Rising Set Boosters2020-09-25YES 

2021 Kaldheim - Art Series Cards
00155/81 Aegar, the Freezing FlameChris RahnKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05YES 
0029/81 Alrund, God of the CosmosKieran YannerKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05YES 
00330/81 Arni BrokenbrowDmitry BurmakKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
00410/81 Behold the MultiverseMagali VilleneuveKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
0051/81 Beskir ShieldmateManuel CastañónKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05YES 
00611/81 Bind the MonsterTran NguyenKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
00731/81 Birgi, God of StorytellingEric DeschampsKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05YES 
00841/81 Blizzard BrawlManuel CastañónKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
00942/81 Boreal OutriderAlex KonstadKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05YES 
01020/81 Burning-Rune DemonAndrew MarKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05YES 
01112/81 Cosima, God of the VoyageMicah EpsteinKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
01213/81 Cyclone SummonerAndrey KuzinskiyKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
01321/81 Dogged PursuitJason RainvilleKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05YES 
01432/81 Dragonkin BeserkerLie SetiawanKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
01522/81 Draugr NecromancerDavid RapozaKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
01623/81 Dream DevourerDavid RapozaKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
01733/81 Dwarven ReinforcementsAndrey KuzinskiyKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
01824/81 Egon, God of DeathJason A. EngleKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
01925/81 Eradicator ValkyrieTyler JacobsonKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
02043/81 Esika, God of the TreeJohannes VossKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
02156/81 Firja, Judge of ValorLivia PrimaKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
02234/81 Frenzied RaiderLius LasahidoKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05YES 
02314/81 Frost AugurCristi BalanescuKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
02468/81 Funeral LongboatDonato GiancolaKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
02544/81 Fynn, the FangbearerLie SetiawanKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
02669/81 Gates of IstfellAnastasia OvchinnikovaKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
02745/81 Glittering FrostLucas GracianoKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
02870/81 Gnottvold SlumbermoundSimon DominicKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
02935/81 Goldspan DragonAndrew MarKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
03036/81 Hagi MobSteve PrescottKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
0312/81 Halvar, God of BattleLie SetiawanKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05YES 
03215/81 Icebreaker KrakenChris ColdKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
03346/81 Icehide TrollAndrey KuzinskiyKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
03471/81 Immerstrum SkullcairnCliff ChildsKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
03516/81 Inga Rune-EyesBram SelsKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
03647/81 Jorn, God of WinterMagali VilleneuveKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
03757/81 Kardur, DoomscourgeChris RahnKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
03817/81 Karfell HarbingerJosh HassKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
03958/81 Kaya the InexorableTyler JacobsonKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05YES 
04059/81 Koll, the ForgemasterBram SelsKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
04148/81 Kolvori, God of KinshipGrzegorz RutkowskiKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05YES 
04260/81 Koma, Cosmos SerpentJesper EjsingKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
04380/81 Koma, Cosmos SerpentRISHXXVKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
04461/81 Maja, Bretagard ProtectorLie SetiawanKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
04549/81 Masked VandalJason A. EngleKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
04618/81 MistwalkerSteve PrescottKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
04762/81 Narfi, Betrayer KingDaarkenKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
04863/81 Niko ArisWinona NelsonKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05YES 
04977/81 Orvar, the All-FormDZOKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
05050/81 Path to the World TreeDaniel LjunggrenKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05YES 
05172/81 Port of KarfellMauricio CalleKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
05237/81 QuakebringerLucas GracianoKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
0533/81 Reidane, God of the WorthyJason RainvilleKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05YES 
0544/81 Resplendent MarshalRyan PancoastKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
05526/81 Return Upon the TideMartina FackovaKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
0565/81 RevitalizeMathias KollrosKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
0576/81 Righteous ValkyrieChris RahnKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
05819/81 Run AshoreSvetlin VelinovKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
05951/81 Sarulf's PackmateIlse GortKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
06065/81 Sarulf, Realm EaterChris RahnKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
0617/81 Search for GloryKieran YannerKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
06273/81 Skemfar ElderhallJohannes VossKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
06374/81 Snow-Covered PlainsSarah FinniganKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
0648/81 Starnheim UnleashedJohannes VossKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
06575/81 Surtland FrostpyrePiotr DuraKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
06666/81 Svella, Ice ShaperAndrew MarKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
06727/81 Tegrid, God of FrightYongjae ChoiKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
06864/81 The Prismatic BridgeJohannes VossKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
06976/81 The World TreeAnastasia OvchinnikovaKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
07038/81 Tibalt's TrickeryAnna PodedwornaKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
07167/81 Tibalt, Cosmic ImposterYongjae ChoiKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05YES 
07239/81 Toralf, God of FuryTyler JacobsonKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
07352/81 Toski, Bearer of SecretsJason RainvilleKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05YES 
07453/81 Tyvar KellChris RallisKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05YES 
07528/81 Valki, God of LiesYongjae ChoiKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
07678/81 Varragoth, Bloodsky SireIan MillerKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
07740/81 Vault RobberSlawomir ManiakKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
07881/81 Vega, the WatcherDZOKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
07929/81 Vengeful ReaperBilly ChristianKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
08054/81 Vorinclex, Monstrous RaiderDaarkenKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05
08179/81 Vorinclex, Monstrous RaiderRichard LuongKaldheim Set Boosters2021-02-05

2021 Strixhaven: School of Mages/Art series - Art Series Cards
000 Agonizing RemorseSource unknownDate unknownYES 
000 Arrogant PoetSource unknownDate unknown
000 Augusta, Dean of OrderSource unknownDate unknown
000 Awaken the Blood AvatarSource unknownDate unknown
000 Beledros WitherbloomSource unknownDate unknown
000 BiomathematicianSource unknownDate unknown
000 Blex, Vexing PestSource unknownDate unknown
000 BookwurmSource unknownDate unknown
000 BrainstormSource unknownDate unknownYES 
000 Clever LumimancerSource unknownDate unknown
000 Crackle with PowerSource unknownDate unknown
000 CultivateSource unknownDate unknownYES 
000 Defiant StrikSource unknownDate unknownYES 
000 Dina, Soul SteeperSource unknownDate unknown
000 Dragonsguard EliteSource unknownDate unknown
000 Dragonsguard EliteSource unknownDate unknown
000 Echoing EquationSource unknownDate unknown
000 Emergent SequenceSource unknownDate unknown
000 EphemerateSource unknownDate unknownYES 
000 Eureka MomentSource unknownDate unknown
000 Extus, Oriq OverlordSource unknownDate unknown
000 ForestSource unknownDate unknown
000 Frostboil SnarlSource unknownDate unknown
000 Galazeth PrismariSource unknownDate unknown
000 Go BlankSource unknownDate unknown
000 GrapeshotSource unknownDate unknownYES 
000 Harness InfinitySource unknownDate unknown
000 Imbraham, Dean of TheorySource unknownDate unknown
000 InfuriateSource unknownDate unknownYES 
000 Inquisition of KozilekSource unknownDate unknownYES 
000 Introduction to ProphecySource unknownDate unknownYES 
000 IslandSource unknownDate unknown
000 Jadzi, Oracle of ArcaviosSource unknownDate unknown
000 Kasmina, Enigma SageSource unknownDate unknownYES 
000 Kianne, Dean of SubstanceSource unknownDate unknown
000 Killian, Ink DuelistSource unknownDate unknown
000 Leonin LightscribeSource unknownDate unknown
000 Lightning BoltSource unknownDate unknownYES 
000 Lorehold CommandSource unknownDate unknown
000 Magma OpusSource unknownDate unknown
000 Make Your MarkSource unknownDate unknown
000 Memory LapseSource unknownDate unknownYES 
000 Mila, Crafty CompanionSource unknownDate unknown
000 NegateSource unknownDate unknownYES 
000 Novice DissectorSource unknownDate unknown
000 Oriq LoremageSource unknownDate unknown
000 Plargg, Dean of ChaosSource unknownDate unknown
000 Primal CommandSource unknownDate unknownYES 
000 Prismari CampusSource unknownDate unknown
000 Prismari CommandSource unknownDate unknown
000 Professor of SymbologySource unknownDate unknown
000 Professor of ZoomancySource unknownDate unknown
000 Revel in SilenceSource unknownDate unknown
000 RevitalizeSource unknownDate unknownYES 
000 Rise of ExtusSource unknownDate unknown
000 Rootha, Mercurial ArtistSource unknownDate unknown
000 Selfless GlyphweaverSource unknownDate unknown
000 Shadewing LaureateSource unknownDate unknown
000 Shadrix SilverquillSource unknownDate unknown
000 Shaile, Dean of RadianceSource unknownDate unknown
000 Sign in BloodSource unknownDate unknownYES 
000 Silverquill CommandSource unknownDate unknown
000 Spectacle MageSource unknownDate unknown
000 Specter of the FensSource unknownDate unknown
000 Star PupilSource unknownDate unknown
000 Stone RainSource unknownDate unknownYES 
000 Storm-Kiln ArtistSource unknownDate unknown
000 Strategic PlanningSource unknownDate unknownYES 
000 Tanazir QuandrixSource unknownDate unknown
000 Teach by ExampleSource unknownDate unknown
000 Tendrils of AgonySource unknownDate unknownYES 
000 Thrill of PossibilitySource unknownDate unknownYES 
000 Time WarpSource unknownDate unknownYES 
000 Torrent SculptorSource unknownDate unknown
000 Urza's RageSource unknownDate unknownYES 
000 Valentin, Dean of the VeinSource unknownDate unknown
000 Velomachus LoreholdSource unknownDate unknown
000 Verdant MasterySource unknownDate unknown
000 Vortex RunnerSource unknownDate unknown
000 Witherbloom CommandSource unknownDate unknown
000 Zimone, QuandrixSource unknownDate unknown