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The Mythic Championship Qualifier (MCQ) was created in 2019 to replace the Pro Tour Qualifier. It's a one-day Magic: The Gathering tournament. Mythic Championship Qualifier tournaments are run by local WPN member stores, by tournament organizers, at a MagicFest, on Magic Online, or on MTG Arena. A good performance at a Mythic Championship Qualifier could earn a player an invitation to an upcoming Mythic Championship, one of the highest tiers of professional play in Magic. Arcbound Ravager was the Promo given to all participants in a Mythic Championship Qualifier.

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Mythic Championship Playmat

2019 - Mythic Championship Qualifier Promos
001001/001 MC QualifierFoilArcbound RavagerChase StoneMythic Championship Qualifier participation bonus
European Modern Series Finals participation bonus
2019-05-04 to 2019-06-16
2019-08 and 2019-09