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It all started in November 1996 when MCI PrePaid advertised in the Duelist issue #14 (December 1996) three Magic rechargable prepaid phone cards to be sold by local retailers. One featured artwork of Serra Angel, one of Jester's Cap, and one of Dakkon Blackblade. All three had a capacity of 20 units. The cards could also be used to access DCI rankings and Arena ratings.

At the beginning of 1997, the sortiment was enhanced. Two new phone cards were made available. One had artwork of Balduvian Hordes and a capacity of 20 units, the other one had artwork of Black Lotus and a capacity of 30 units. The functionality of all cards was expanded to access tournament schedules, game information, and more. The phone cards could from then on also be ordered from MCI Prepaid directly.

In the middle of 1997, all phone cards were upgraded. They now had a capacity of 25 units, the Black Lotus phone card even received a capacity of 50 units.

After that, no more advertisements appeared, so the fate of these phone cards is unknown. It is possible that additional versions were introduced or the existing versions were altered again, before this product line was dropped.

Since the number of units was printed on the cards, completists will need two sets of these phone cards, one with the higher and one with the lower unit capacity.

It is currently unconfirmed that the phone cards were produced. The information is based upon advertisements.

In 1996, Hobby Japan produced a Phone Card of 50 call units with a MTG card back front.

It was rumored that a commemorative 1997 World Championships Limited Edition prepaid phone card was given to DCI Legend members (only for members who joined or renewed before September 1, 1997). This old info has been verified and no phone card was created or given

In 2002, another series was produced and available mainly at Premier stores featuring illustrations of:
Krosan Beast (Odyssey) - 30 minutes
Shivan Dragon (7th Edition) - 60 minutes
Sengir Vampire (Torment) - 100 minutes
Silver Seraph (Judgment) - 250 minutes

It is rumored also that a Squee, Goblin Nabob (Mercadian Masques) phone card exists with a 200-minutes amount.

Errors, misprints and typos
2. Enter World Sevice Code instead of Enter World Service Code. SÚvice means Punishment in French.

Magic Phone Cards advertisement in the Duelist issue #14 December 1996

Magic Phone Cards advertisement in the Duelist issue #15 February 1997

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1996 - Magic Phone Cards
001 Dakkon Blackblade (Legends)Richard Kane FergusonThe Duelist issue #14 advertisement1996-12YES 
002 Jester's Cap (Ice Age)Dan FrazierThe Duelist issue #14 advertisement1996-12YES 
003 Serra Angel (Alpha)Douglas ShulerThe Duelist issue #14 advertisement1996-12YES 
004 Hobby JapanSource unknown1996YES 

1997 - Magic Phone Cards
001 Balduvian Horde (Alliances)Brian SnōddyThe Duelist issue #15 advertisement1997-02YES 
002 Black Lotus (Alpha)Christopher RushThe Duelist issue #15 advertisement1997-02YES 
003 Dakkon Blackblade (Legends)Richard Kane FergusonThe Duelist issue #15 advertisement1997-02YES 
004 Jester's Cap (Ice Age)Dan FrazierThe Duelist issue #15 advertisement1997-02YES 
005 Serra Angel (Alpha)Douglas ShulerThe Duelist issue #15 advertisement1997-02YES 
006 Balduvian Horde (Alliances)Brian SnōddySource unknown1997-?YES 
007 Black Lotus (Alpha)Christopher RushSource unknown1997-?YES 
008 Dakkon Blackblade (Legends)Richard Kane FergusonSource unknown1997-?YES 
009 Jester's Cap (Ice Age)Dan FrazierSource unknown1997- ?YES 
010 Serra Angel (Alpha)Douglas ShulerSource unknown1997- ?YES 

2002 - Magic Phone Cards
001 Krosan Beast (Odyssey)Kev WalkerMTG Premier stores2002YES 
002 Shivan Dragon (7th Edition)Donato GiancolaMTG Premier stores2002YES 
003 Sengir Vampire (Torment)Kev WalkerMTG Premier stores2002YES 
004 Squee, Goblin Nabob (Mercadian Masques)David MonetteSource unknown2002YES 
005 Silver Seraph (Judgment)Matthew D. WilsonMTG Premier stores2002YES