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For 2007, Wizards of the Coast® has redesigned our successful Junior Super SeriesTM program to better meet the desires and aspirations of our younger players. This redesigned program will be called the Magic: the Gathering® Scholarship Series.

The format remains the same: Standard Constructed, the most popular Magic format. We still award $1,000 USD in college scholarships at each Scholarship Series event we run. We still invite winners to the Scholarship Series Championship, which awards $100,000 USD in scholarship prizes. We still give out great product prizes and run the events at stores throughout the United States and Canada. But instead of the age cap being 15 as it was under the JSS program, it has been raised to 18. Now all college-bound Magic players ages 18 and under can participate to win scholarships to college.

There are other cool new prizes as well: pens, deluxe school portfolios and satchels so you can go to class in style. The Scholarship Series will set you up for your school needs now, and help you prepare for your higher education in the future.

The 2007 Scholarship Series Winter Season starts in January, 2007. Each event offers college scholarships to both first and second place, plus a foil promotional card for all participants (while supplies last).

The 2007 Scholarship Series Spring Season starts April 7. First- and second-place finishers win scholarships, plus each participant will receive one new foil promotional card (while supplies last).

The No-Qual policy will reset for the Spring Season, so players can win scholarship money in both seasons.

The Scholarship Series is open to Amateur players age 18

Thank you for supporting the Magic Scholarship Series. Wizards of the Coast has decided to revamp our Organized Play offerings in 2008 in order to make Magic available to the most players possible. We will be increasing our reach to more play outlets with the goal of using a redesigned age limited program as part of new local programs across the world. Considering this, and the limited amount of participation due to age restrictions, we are discontinuing the Scholarship Series in its current form.

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2007 - Magic Scholarship Series Promos
0011/2 J07FoilSoltari PriestDany OrizioMagic Scholarship Series Winter Season participation bonus.2007-01-06 to 2007-04-01YES 
0022/2 J07FoilWhirling DervishAlex Horley-OrlandelliMagic Scholarship Series Spring Season participation bonus.2007-05-07 to 2007-06-24YES 

2008 - Magic Scholarship Series Promos
0011/3 J08FoilGlorious AnthemRaymond SwanlandSource unknown2008YES 
0022/3 J08FoilElvish ChampionMatt CavottaSource unknown2008YES 
0033/3 J08FoilMad AuntieWayne ReynoldsSource unknown2008