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Starting with Kaladesh and for the foreseeable future, we're going to be adding a new feature called the Masterpiece Series. Each individual block will have its own name for the Series (the Masterpiece Series for Kaladesh block, for example, will be called Kaladesh Inventions), but it will be referred to overall as the Masterpiece Series. Basically, we're taking what we did with the Zendikar Expeditions and applying it to every set. Here's what this means:

* The Masterpiece Series will exist at a rarity higher than mythic rare. For example, in Kaladesh, you will open a Kaladesh Inventions card roughly 1 out of every 144 boosters. (Technically, the Kaladesh booster pack says the ratio is 1:2,160 cards.) This is slightly more often than opening a premium mythic rare. These ratios may change for future sets.

* The Masterpiece Series will be reprints of existing cards with one exception. There will often be cards from that set included in the Masterpiece Series (like how the Battle for Zendikar rare dual lands were included in Zendikar Expeditions), but they will typically exist in the set in a traditional frame in their normal rarity in addition to appearing in the Masterpiece Series. Kaladesh Inventions has a cycle of five mythic rare cards that appear in the Kaladesh set. There will never be cards appearing in a Masterpiece Series that can't be found outside of it. (I'm talking, of course, about the card itself and not the particular creative/frame treatment.)

* The Masterpiece Series, both in presentation and card selection, will be tied thematically to the world appearing in the block. For instance, all of the Kaladesh Inventions will be artifact cards presented as Kaladeshi artifacts. The frame will likewise have a special treatment that ties into the theme of the block. I will be showing off some of the Kaladesh Inventions cards later in this article, so you'll get a chance to see what I'm talking about for our first Masterpiece Series. The frame treatment will be exclusive to the Masterpiece Series it appears in.

* The number of Masterpiece Series cards may fluctuate, but roughly speaking we expect each Masterpiece Series to be around 50 cards for the whole block. Kaladesh Inventions, for example, will have 30 cards in Kaladesh and 24 cards in Aether Revolt. The large set and small set in a block will have different Masterpiece cards.

* All Masterpiece Series cards are printed in English, but they do appear in non-English product.

* The expansion symbol for each Masterpiece Series will be block-specific, but distinct from the sets in that block. For example, the Masterpiece Series cards in Kaladesh and Aether Revolt will share one unique expansion symbol—they won't use the Kaladesh or Aether Revolt symbols.

* All Masterpiece cards will exist only in premium foil versions.

* Masterpiece cards are planned for Magic Online, but will not be redeemable and are not counted as part of the set. They're going to be distributed in an exciting new way, but we're not quite ready to announce what that is. Look for that announcement later this month.

* Masterpiece cards will not exist in Magic Duels.

* Masterpiece cards can be played in any Limited format they're opened in and in any Constructed format in which the card is already legal.


Now that I've explained what we're doing, it's time to talk about how the Masterpiece Series came about and why we've chosen to do it. The short answer is that we've faced a number of challenges as Magic has grown, and we found that many of those challenges were addressed with Zendikar Expeditions. I'm going to start my explanation by walking through some of the challenges we've faced.

Challenge #1: Keeping Standard Accessible

Standard is the most-played Constructed format. It's designed as an entry point for players who wish to play Constructed Magic. Through market research and social media, we learned that many of the players who were interested in playing Standard felt it was something beyond their reach. We had to find ways to address this.

Challenge #2: Getting Players Access to Older Cards

While Standard is much beloved, many players enjoy playing larger formats involving older cards. Players were having trouble getting access to older, often more powerful cards. (The power level of a format goes up as more cards are playable in that format, which is why older formats tend to have a higher power level.) The solution to making these older cards available was reprinting them.

However, when we experimented with putting some of these older cards in Standard, we found the more powerful ones warped Standard in a way we felt was unhealthy for the format, so we looked to other avenues to release these cards. We tried putting some in nonrandom supplemental sets like Commander and Duel Decks, but it warped how the products were selling. We were able to reprint some in Masters sets and others in supplemental booster releases like the Conspiracy sets, but we recognized there was still more demand for reprints and we needed to find additional places to release them.

Challenge #3: Providing Alternatives for Deck Building

One of the reasons we interact through social media is to get a better understanding of what issues the players care about. One that kept popping up was a desire for players to have more abilities to "bling" their decks. Magic has always had a strong self-identification element to it ("This is my deck"), and Zendikar Expeditions gave players another way to express who they are.


All of these challenges are nuanced and have many factors that tie into them, but we were aware they were things we needed to address. This brings us to the creation of Zendikar Expeditions. We were working on Battle for Zendikar and we realized we were missing something. Zendikar was originally defined as a world of adventures and treasures. Was there a way to weave this idea into the set? We played around with the concept of a bonus sheet (last seen in Time Spiral block, where old cards got intermixed with new ones), but something felt a little off.

As we refined the idea of "adventures and treasures," the concept began to feel a bit vague. Was there a way to create something exciting that was endemic to Zendikar? Well, it was a plane centered around a mechanical theme of lands. What if our subset of cards was just an exciting group of cool lands? Many players, for instance, were expecting us to reprint a cycle of enemy fetch lands in Battle for Zendikar (as they premiered in original Zendikar), but they were too problematic in Standard along with the allied fetch lands from Khans of Tarkir. The Zendikar Expeditions allowed us to have them appear in boosters even if the cards weren't technically part of the set. We then latched onto the idea of making them full-art lands and creating a special new card frame for them to ensure they would feel unique.

We were optimistic that players would like Zendikar Expeditions, but the response was even more positive than we anticipated. As we watched, we started realizing something.

First, social media was filled with stories and pictures of people opening Zendikar Expeditions. We loved seeing this and being able to be part of the community's excitement.

Second, we noticed that people not only enjoyed opening the Zendikar Expeditions, they enjoyed playing with them as well. It was a way to make the opponent sit up and take notice when you played a card. "Is that a Zendikar Expedition?" "Why yes, it is." We had created a new kind of "bling" that players enjoyed. Hmm, a solution to challenge #3.

Third, all of Zendikar Expeditions (with the exception of the Battle for Zendikar rare duals) were cards that players had wanted reprints of. We had already tried putting old, powerful reprints into Standard-legal sets, but the impact on Standard was problematic. Zendikar Expeditions got the reprints into booster packs of a Standard-legal set without creating this problem. It wasn't a total solution, but it was at least another step in helping alleviate it. It also allowed us to find a solution that our bread-and-butter sets could help with. Hmm, a way to address challenge #2.

Fourth, we found that Zendikar Expeditions drove more players into the Battle for Zendikar block, which resulted in greater accessibility for all the non-Expeditions cards. Zendikar Expeditions actually made it easier to play Standard. Hmm, a way to address challenge #1.

So when we stood back and analyzed what Zendikar Expeditions had done, we realized that it made Standard more accessible, it got players access to older cards, and it provided alternatives for deck building. It wasn't a total solution for every challenge, but it helped address all of them. This, of course, led us to ask, "Is this something we should be doing more often?"

We had a lot of meetings where we discussed all of the ramifications of turning Zendikar Expeditions into an ongoing promotion. We talked pros and cons and benefits and detriments and everything we could think of. In the end, we decided that it made sense, and the Masterpiece Series was born.

There were a few things we decided to do moving forward:

We want each piece of the Masterpiece Series to feel organic to the set it's in. Some blocks, like Kaladesh, have an obvious theme, but others have proven more challenging. It's a work in progress, but we're trying to find the right balance to stay true to the block. This means that certain cards that might fit the mechanical theme won't hit the creative one. For instance, Umezawa's Jitte is a wonderful artifact, but it existing on Kaladesh doesn't make any flavor sense so it was off the table for Kaladesh Inventions.

We want the Masterpiece Series to look awesome. Zendikar Expeditions took advantage of full-art lands, but that wasn't something that would work for most series. We want this new promotion to be pushing the boundaries of cool frame treatments. The art team is exploring every aspect, including premium execution, to make the Masterpiece Series something awesome to look at.

We want the Masterpiece Series to be opt-in. Cards that appear in a Masterpiece Series should be available elsewhere in an easier-to-acquire version. Magic sets should be just as fun as always if you ignore the Masterpiece Series. It is added value that can be ignored if desired.

We want the Masterpiece Series to make different groups happy. One of the big challenges is card selection. For instance, Kaladesh Inventions was all artifacts. Which ones we chose was partially based on what could conceivably exist on Kaladesh, but also on trying to find things that some subset of players would be happy with. Note that not every card is meant for every type of player. We mixed up our selection to make sure that everyone would like some of the choices, knowing that few would like them all.

We want the Masterpiece Series to be exciting. Many other trading card games do higher rarities than Magic, and we've always avoided those because we didn't want it to get in the way of the game. Cards should be attainable. The Masterpiece Series lets us add in a higher rarity for the fun it provides, but as the cards in it are all available elsewhere, it doesn't sacrifice the quality of Magic as a game.
So that is why we're doing the Masterpiece Series. There's just one thing left—showing you all what they're going to look like.

Here's how this is going to work. We've dubbed today Masterpiece Monday because before the day is out, you're going to see all the cards in Kaladesh Inventions that appear in Kaladesh boosters. (You'll get to see the ones in Aether Revolt at a later date.) Right now I'm going to start by showing you four of them. The rest will be posted later today. (Check back at 2 p.m. PT.)

One caveat before I show you the cards: the Masterpiece Series: Kaldesh Inventions have a cool printing process that's impossible to reflect on a computer screen, so while what I'm going to show you is going to look cool, it's going to look even cooler in person. Just remember that the copper coloring is all metallic on the actual cards.

Kaladesh booster box product shot

Kaladesh boosters box product shot

* Kaladesh: Angel of Invention booster
Kaladesh: Chandra, Torch of Defiance booster
Kaladesh: Demon of Dark Schemes booster
Kaladesh: Dovin Baan booster
* Kaladesh: Saheeli Rai booster


Aether Vial Full Art by Raoul Vitale
Cataclysmic Gearhulk Full Art by Jason Rainville
Champion's Helm Full Art by Lindsey Look
Chromatic Lantern Full Art by Yeong-Hao Han
Cloudstone Curio Full Art by Noah Bradley

Chrome Mox Full Art by Kieran Yanner
Combustible Gearhulk Full Art by Greg Opalinski
Crucible of Worlds Full Art by Chris Rahn
Gauntlet of Power Full Art by John Severin Brassel
Hangarback Walker Full Art by Adam Paquette

Lightning Greaves Full Art by Slawomir Maniak
Lotus Petal Full Art by Slawomir Maniak
Mana Crypt Full Art by Volkan Baga
Mana Vault Full Art by Kirsten Zirngibl
Mind's Eye Full Art by David Gaillet

Mox Opal Full Art by Chris Rahn
Noxious Gearhulk Full Art by Vincent Proce
Painter's Servant Full Art by Magali Villeneuve
Rings of Brighthearth Full Art by Yeong-Hao Han
Scroll Rack Full Art by Jason A. Engle

Sculpting Steel Full Art by Magali Villeneuve
Solemn Simulacrum Full Art by Daarken
Sol Ring Full Art by Volkan Baga
Static Orb Full Art by Tommy Arnold
Steel Overseer Full Art by Adam Paquette

Sword of Feast and Famine Full Art by Steven Belledin
Sword of Fire and Ice Full Art by Volkan Baga
Sword of Light and Shadow Full Art by Matt Stewart
Torrential Gearhulk Full Art by Jakub Kasper
Verdurous Gearhulk Full Art by Zack Stella

TO BE FOUND. 30/30


Aether Revolt booster box product shot

Aether Revolt: Ajani Unyielding booster
Aether Revolt: Maulfist Revolutionary booster
Aether Revolt: Tezzeret the Schemer booster

* Arcbound Ravager Full Art by Daarken
* Black Vise Full Art by Igor Kieryluk
MISSING: Chalice of the Void Full Art by Kieran Yanner
* Defense Grid Full Art by Jonas De Ro
* Duplicant Full Art by Slawomir Maniak

Engineered Explosives Full Art by James Paick
Ensnaring Bridge Full Art by Florian de Gesincourt
Extraplanar Lens Full Art by Noah Bradley
Grindstone Full Art by Johann Bodin
Meekstone Full Art by Steve Argyle

Oblivion Stone Full Art by Yeong-Hao Han
Ornithopter Full Art by Howard Lyon
Paradox Engine Full Art by Vincent Proce
Pithing Needle Full Art by Joseph Meehan
Planar Bridge Full Art by Raymond Swanland

Platinum Angel Full Art by Victor Adame Minguez
Sphere of Resistance Full Art by Richard Wright
Staff of Domination Full Art by Zezhou Chen
Sundering Titan Full Art by Lius Lasahido
Sword of Body and Mind Full Art by Mark Zug

* Sword of War and Peace Full Art by Filip Burburan
MISSING: Trinisphere Full Art by Daniel Ljunggren
* Vedalken Shackles Full Art by Svetlin Velinov
* Wurmcoil Engine Full Art by Aleksi Briclot

TO BE FOUND. 22/24
Chalice of the Void Full Art by Kieran Yanner
Trinisphere Full Art by Daniel Ljunggren

Black Vise Full Art by Igor Kieryluk
Duplicant Full Art by Slawomir Maniak
Ensnaring Bridge Full Art by Florian de Gesincourt


The Masterpiece Series for Amonkhet block are called Amonkhet Invocations. These are all premium foil cards with a special Amonkhet card frame and a separate expansion symbol. Thus, they are not part of the sets. Amonkhet Invocations are all about Control, include all new art and flavor text set on Amonkhet appear slightly more often than premium mythic rares. These cards are playable in limited and formats where they're already legal. There are 30 Invocation cards appearing with Amonkhet and 24 more cards appear in Hour of Devastation.

Amonkhet booster box product shot

Amonkhet: Combat Celebrant booster
Amonkhet: Battlefield Scavenger booster
Amonkhet: Oketra the True booster
Amonkhet: Honored Crop-Captain booster
Amonkhet: Curator of Mysteries booster

Aggravated Assault Full Art by Greg Opalinski
Attrition Cropped Art by Jose Cabrera

Austere Command Full Art by Richard Wright
Aven Mindcensor Full Art by Jose Cabrera

Bontu the Glorified Full Art by Daniel Ljunggren
Chain Lightning Full Art by Igor Kieryluk

Consecrated Sphinx Full Art by Lius Lasahido
Containment Priest Full Art by Igor Kieryluk

Counterbalance Full Art by Joseph Meehan
MISSING: Counterspell Full Art by Chase Stone

Cryptic Command Full Art by Richard Wright
Dark Ritual Full Art by Richard Wright

Daze Full Art by Richard Wright
Diabolic Intent Full Art by Joseph Meehan

Divert Full Art by Igor Kieryluk
Entomb Cropped Art by Eytan Zana

Force of Will Full Art by Jaime Jones
Hazoret the Fervent Full Art by Joseph Meehan

Kefnet the Mindful Full Art by Jose Cabrera
Loyal Retainers Full Art by Bastien L. Deharme

Maelstrom Pulse Full Art by Igor Kieryluk
Mind Twist Full Art by Igor Kieryluk

Oketra the True Full Art by Bastien L. Deharme
Pact of Negation Full Art by Titus Lunter

Rhonas the Indomitable Full Art by Jack Wang
Spell Pierce Full Art by Joseph Meehan

MISSING: Stifle Full Art by Cliff Childs
Vindicate Full Art by Igor Kieryluk

Worship Full Art by Cliff Childs
Wrath of God Full Art by Titus Lunter

TO BE FOUND. 28/30
Counterspell Full Art by Chase Stone
Stifle Full Art by Cliff Childs

Attrition Full Art by Jose Cabrera (Cropped art upgrade)
Entomb Full Art by Eytan Zana (Cropped art upgrade)


Armageddon Full Art by Florian de Gesincourt
Avatar of Woe Full Art by Igor Kieryluk

Blood Moon Cropped Art Art by Christine Choi
Boil Full Art by Philip Straub

Capsize Cropped Art by Cliff Childs
Choke Full Art by Florian de Gesincourt

Damnation Full Art by Zack Stella
Desolation Angel Full Art by Bastien L. Deharme

Diabolic Edic Full Art by Daarken
Doomsday Cropped Art by Jaime Jones

Forbid Full Art by Richard Wright
Lord of Extinction Full Art by Jason A. Engle

No Mercy Full Art by Jonas De Ro
Omniscience Full Art by Josh Hass

Opposition Full Art by Svetlin Velinov
Slaughter Pact Full Art by Josh Hass

Shatterstorm Full Art by Johann Bodin
Sunder Full Art by Titus Lunter

The Locust God Full Art by Grzegorz Rutkowski
The Scarab God Full Art by Grzegorz Rutkowski

The Scorpion God Full Art by Grzegorz Rutkowski
Thoughtseize Full Art by James Ryman

Threads of Disloyalty Full Art by Yongjae Choi
Through the Breach Full Art by Darek Zabrocki

TO BE FOUND. 24/24

Armageddon Full Art by Florian de Gesincourt (No Logo)
Blood Moon Full Art Art by Christine Choi (Not Cropped)
Capsize Full art by Cliff Childs (Not Cropped)
Doomsday Full Art by Jaime Jones (Not Cropped)

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Kaladesh Block Inventions - Masterpiece Series Cards
001006/054 SFoilAether VialRaoul VitaleKaladesh boosters2016-09-24YES 
002001/054 SFoilCataclysmic GearhulkJason RainvilleKaladesh boosters2016-09-24YES 
003007/054 SFoilChampion's HelmLindsey LookKaladesh boosters2016-09-24YES 
004008/054 SFoilChromatic LanternYeong-Hao HanKaladesh boosters2016-09-24YES 
005009/054 SFoilChrome MoxKieran YannerKaladesh boosters2016-09-24YES 
006010/054 SFoilCloudstone CurioNoah BradleyKaladesh boosters2016-09-24YES 
007004/054 SFoilCombustible GearhulkGreg OpalinskiKaladesh boosters2016-09-24YES 
008011/054 SFoilCrucible of WorldsChris RahnKaladesh boosters2016-09-24YES 
009012/054 SFoilGauntlet of PowerJohn Severin BrasselKaladesh boosters2016-09-24YES 
010013/054 SFoilHangarback WalkerAdam PaquetteKaladesh boosters2016-09-24YES 
011014/054 SFoilLightning GreavesSlawomir ManiakKaladesh boosters2016-09-24YES 
012015/054 SFoilLotus PetalSlawomir ManiakKaladesh boosters2016-09-24YES 
013016/054 SFoilMana CryptVolkan BagaKaladesh boosters2016-09-24YES 
014017/054 SFoilMana VaultKirsten ZirngiblKaladesh boosters2016-09-24YES 
015018/054 SFoilMind's EyeDavid GailletKaladesh boosters2016-09-24YES 
016019/054 SFoilMox OpalChris RahnKaladesh boosters2016-09-24YES 
017003/054 SFoilNoxious GearhulkVincent ProceKaladesh boosters2016-09-24YES 
018020/054 SFoilPainter's ServantMagali VilleneuveKaladesh boosters2016-09-24YES 
019021/054 SFoilRings of BrighthearthYeong-Hao HanKaladesh boosters2016-09-24YES 
020022/054 SFoilScroll RackJason A. EngleKaladesh boosters2016-09-24YES 
021023/054 SFoilSculpting SteelMagali VilleneuveKaladesh boosters2016-09-24YES 
022024/054 SFoilSol RingVolkan BagaKaladesh boosters2016-09-24YES 
023025/054 SFoilSolemn SimulacrumDaarkenKaladesh boosters2016-09-24YES 
024026/054 SFoilStatic OrbTommy ArnoldKaladesh boosters2016-09-24YES 
025027/054 SFoilSteel OverseerAdam PaquetteKaladesh boosters2016-09-24YES 
026028/054 SFoilSword of Feast and FamineSteven BelledinKaladesh boosters2016-09-24YES 
027029/054 SFoilSword of Fire and IceVolkan BagaKaladesh boosters2016-09-24YES 
028030/054 SFoilSword of Light and ShadowMatt StewartKaladesh boosters2016-09-24YES 
029002/054 SFoilTorrential GearhulkJakub KasperKaladesh boosters2016-09-24YES 
030005/054 SFoilVerdurous GearhulkZack StellaKaladesh boosters2016-09-24YES 
031031/054 SFoilArcbound RavagerDaarkenAether Revolt boosters2017-01-20
032032/054 SFoilBlack ViseIgor KierylukAether Revolt boosters2017-01-20
033033/054 SFoilChalice of the VoidKieran YannerAether Revolt boosters2017-01-20
034034/054 SFoilDefense GridJonas De RoAether Revolt boosters2017-01-20
035035/054 SFoilDuplicantSlawomir ManiakAether Revolt boosters2017-01-20
036036/054 SFoilEngineered ExplosivesJames PaickAether Revolt boosters2017-01-20
037037/054 SFoilEnsnaring BridgeFlorian de GesincourtAether Revolt boosters2017-01-20
038038/054 SFoilExtraplanar LensNoah BradleyAether Revolt boosters2017-01-20
039039/054 SFoilGrindstoneJohann BodinAether Revolt boosters2017-01-20
040040/054 SFoilMeekstoneSteve ArgyleAether Revolt boosters2017-01-20
041041/054 SFoilOblivion StoneYeong-Hao HanAether Revolt boosters2017-01-20
042042/054 SFoilOrnithopterHoward LyonAether Revolt boosters2017-01-20
043043/054 SFoilParadox EngineVincent ProceAether Revolt boosters2017-01-20
043044/054 SFoilPithing NeedleJoseph MeehanAether Revolt boosters2017-01-20
045045/054 SFoilPlanar BridgeRaymond SwanlandAether Revolt boosters2017-01-20
046046/054 SFoilPlatinum AngelVictor Adame MinguezAether Revolt boosters2017-01-20
047047/054 SFoilSphere of ResistanceRichard WrightAether Revolt boosters2017-01-20
048048/054 SFoilStaff of DominationZezhou ChenAether Revolt boosters2017-01-20
049049/054 SFoilSundering TitanLius LasahidoAether Revolt boosters2017-01-20
050050/054 SFoilSword of Body and MindMark ZugAether Revolt boosters2017-01-20
051051/054 SFoilSword of War and PeaceFilip BurburanAether Revolt boosters2017-01-20
052052/054 SFoilTrinisphereDaniel LjunggrenAether Revolt boosters2017-01-20
053053/054 SFoilVedalken ShacklesSvetlin VelinovAether Revolt boosters2017-01-20
054054/054 SFoilWurmcoil EngineAleksi BriclotAether Revolt boosters2017-01-20

Amonkhet Block Invocations - Masterpiece Series Cards
001025/054 MPSFoilAggravated AssaultGreg OpalinskiAmonkhet boosters2017-04-28YES 
002019/054 MPSFoilAttritionJose CabreraAmonkhet boosters2017-04-28YES 
003001/054 MPSFoilAustere CommandRichard WrightAmonkhet boosters2017-04-28YES 
004002/054 MPSFoilAven MindcensorJose CabreraAmonkhet boosters2017-04-28YES 
005020/054 MPSFoilBontu the GlorifiedDaniel LjunggrenAmonkhet boosters2017-04-28YES 
006026/054 MPSFoilChain LightningIgor KierylukAmonkhet boosters2017-04-28YES 
007008/054 MPSFoilConsecrated SphinxLius LasahidoAmonkhet boosters2017-04-28YES 
008003/054 MPSFoilContainment PriestIgor KierylukAmonkhet boosters2017-04-28YES 
009009/054 MPSFoilCounterbalanceJoseph MeehanAmonkhet boosters2017-04-28YES 
010010/054 MPSFoilCounterspellChase StoneAmonkhet boosters2017-04-28YES 
011011/054 MPSFoilCryptic CommandRichard WrightAmonkhet boosters2017-04-28YES 
012021/054 MPSFoilDark RitualRichard WrightAmonkhet boosters2017-04-28YES 
013012/054 MPSFoilDazeRichard WrightAmonkhet boosters2017-04-28YES 
014022/054 MPSFoilDiabolic IntentJoseph MeehanAmonkhet boosters2017-04-28YES 
015013/054 MPSFoilDivertIgor KierylukAmonkhet boosters2017-04-28YES 
016023/054 MPSFoilEntombEytan ZanaAmonkhet boosters2017-04-28YES 
017014/054 MPSFoilForce of WillJaime JonesAmonkhet boosters2017-04-28YES 
018027/054 MPSFoilHazoret the FerventJoseph MeehanAmonkhet boosters2017-04-28YES 
019015/054 MPSFoilKefnet the MindfulJose CabreraAmonkhet boosters2017-04-28YES 
020004/054 MPSFoilLoyal RetainersBastien L. DeharmeAmonkhet boosters2017-04-28YES 
021029/054 MPSFoilMaelstrom PulseIgor KierylukAmonkhet boosters2017-04-28YES 
022024/054 MPSFoilMind TwistIgor KierylukAmonkhet boosters2017-04-28YES 
023005/054 MPSFoilOketra the TrueBastien L. DeharmeAmonkhet boosters2017-04-28YES 
024016/054 MPSFoilPact of NegationTitus LunterAmonkhet boosters2017-04-28YES 
025028/054 MPSFoilRhonas the IndomitableJack WangAmonkhet boosters2017-04-28YES 
026017/054 MPSFoilSpell PierceJoseph MeehanAmonkhet boosters2017-04-28YES 
027018/054 MPSFoilStifleCliff ChildsAmonkhet boosters2017-04-28YES 
028030/054 MPSFoilVindicateIgor KierylukAmonkhet boosters2017-04-28YES 
029006/054 MPSFoilWorshipCliff ChildsAmonkhet boosters2017-04-28YES 
030007/054 MPSFoilWrath of GodTitus LunterAmonkhet boosters2017-04-28YES 
031031/054 MPSFoilArmageddonFlorian de GesincourtHour of Devastation boosters2017-07-14YES 
032038/054 MPSFoilAvatar of WoeIgor KierylukHour of Devastation boosters2017-07-14YES 
033046/054 MPSFoilBlood MoonChristine ChoiHour of Devastation boosters2017-07-14YES 
034047/054 MPSFoilBoilPhilip StraubHour of Devastation boosters2017-07-14YES 
035032/054 MPSFoilCapsizeCliff ChildsHour of Devastation boosters2017-07-14YES 
036050/054 MPSFoilChokeFlorian de GesincourtHour of Devastation boosters2017-07-14YES 
037039/054 MPSFoilDamnationZack StellaHour of Devastation boosters2017-07-14YES 
038040/054 MPSFoilDesolation AngelBastien L. DeharmeHour of Devastation boosters2017-07-14YES 
039041/054 MPSFoilDiabolic EdictDaarkenHour of Devastation boosters2017-07-14YES 
040042/054 MPSFoilDoomsdayJaime JonesHour of Devastation boosters2017-07-14YES 
041033/054 MPSFoilForbidRichard WrightHour of Devastation boosters2017-07-14YES 
042052/054 MPSFoilLord of ExtinctionJason A. EngleHour of Devastation boosters2017-07-14YES 
043043/054 MPSFoilNo MercyJonas De RoHour of Devastation boosters2017-07-14YES 
044034/054 MPSFoilOmniscienceJosh HassHour of Devastation boosters2017-07-14YES 
045035/054 MPSFoilOppositionSvetlin VelinovHour of Devastation boosters2017-07-14YES 
046048/054 MPSFoilShatterstormJohann BodinHour of Devastation boosters2017-07-14YES 
047044/054 MPSFoilSlaughter PactJosh HassHour of Devastation boosters2017-07-14YES 
048036/054 MPSFoilSunderTitus LunterHour of Devastation boosters2017-07-14YES 
049051/054 MPSFoilThe Locust GodGrzegorz RutkowskiHour of Devastation boosters2017-07-14YES 
050053/054 MPSFoilThe Scarab GodGrzegorz RutkowskiHour of Devastation boosters2017-07-14YES 
051054/054 MPSFoilThe Scorpion GodGrzegorz RutkowskiHour of Devastation boosters2017-07-14YES 
052045/054 MPSFoilThoughtseizeJames RymanHour of Devastation boosters2017-07-14YES 
053037/054 MPSFoilThreads of DisloyaltyYongjae ChoiHour of Devastation boosters2017-07-14YES 
054049/054 MPSFoilThrough the BreachDarek ZabrockiHour of Devastation boosters2017-07-14YES